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Tipster Coins

Tipster Coins introduce an innovative interaction model between tipsters and their communities, serving as a unique access key to exclusive Telegram groups. In these groups, tipsters can share their expert betting insights with followers, enhancing the community experience.

For Tipsters

Want to start your own tipster community and monetize your betting performance? Then tipster coins are here for you! You can create your own tipster coins which will act as a token gate to your telegram tipster community. People who want to join your telegram group need to buy your tipster coin first, giving you a way to monetize your betting track record.

  • Build a strong betting community
  • Share your insights with your followers
  • Monetize your betting track record
Create Tipster Community

For Bettors

Want to gain special access to your favorite tipster? Then tipster coins are here for you! By joining a tipster's telegram community you will not only get instant notifications when they post a new tip but also be able to interact with the tipster and gain special insights into their betting strategy.

  • Get instant bet notifications
  • Access to the tipsters and their insights
  • Be part of a community of like-minded people
  • Support your favourite tipsters
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SX-Lab provides a platform for creating tokens acting as a token gate for Telegram groups that share betting tips. We do not create, endorse, or assume responsibility for any betting content shared within these groups. Betting carries a high risk of financial loss, and all users participate at their own risk. By using our service, you accept that SX-Lab is not liable for any losses or damages arising from any activities related to the use of SX-Lab.